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Hello , Summer Solstice !


  On the day of Summer Solstice, daylight lasts the longest for the whole year in the northern hemisphere. After this day, daylight hours get shorter and shorter and temperatures become higher in the northern hemisphere. How long is the longest day of Summer Solstice in China? The entire day in Mohe in Helongjiang province, located in the most northern tip of China, lasts nearly 17 hours when you include morning twilight and its afterglow. Summer Solstice is the best season for viewing the aurora in Mohe.

There is a saying which goes,"eating dumplings on the Winter Solstice day and eating noodles on the Summer Solstice day." People in different areas of Shandong also eat chilled noodles on this day.

In the southern part of China, during the Summer Solstice eating dog meat and lychee has been a long tradition. Yet the dog meat-eating festival in Yulin has stirred far more intense public debate. The controversy over the festival reveals the confrontation between traditional customs and the modern idea of animal protection.

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